We knew from the beginning that our business storytelling had to be comprehensive. Our clients, their desires and business needs, quickly directed us towards IT development. In order to tell a good business story, you need to have a good place from where it starts – and these places are exactly your website and social media pages. Plus, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a good smartphone app as well.

A website, along with social media presence, is often the first meeting place with your audience. Today, it is certainly no longer necessary to explain why a web site is a must have and why it must be well designed, fast and optimized – both for browsing on different devices and for search engines (SEO).

We can redesign and optimize your existing pages, but we can also create brand new ones. We can design the whole story, write the texts, create a logo, microsites, or an entire web campaign that will present you in the best way and that will best suit you.

We also develop mobile applications that can often be a very powerful business storytelling tool. Check out our QtouR – virtual guide – app we created for our clients in cultural, creative and tourism industries.


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