QtouR - virtualni vodič

Our clients in the cultural, creative and tourism industries have been looking for an advanced tool for cultural storytelling. That’s why we created QtouR for them.

QtouR – virtual guide is a mobile application and it’s also Bracha’s largest campaign and comprehensive storytelling platform.

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It is an innovative and intelligent platform that enables our clinets to provide their audience with an authentic and interactive experience of sights, attractions, museums, galleries and all other places of interest. QtouR is an advanced storytelling tool.

Unlike the usual cultural tours apps and devices, that only reads aloud texts in a predefined way, in QtouR the user is always in charge and he gets to choose. QtouR will listen and swiftly adapt to user preferences and interests, providing him info – when and in the way the user choose them. Audio, video, text or complete multimedia guides, automatic discovery of nearby sights and objects or info only on demand, recommendations or map directions to other places of interest…

“QtouR is a breakthrough in modern applications and guide devices.”

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